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The Spring Bay Fire Protection District is a completely volunteer organization providing fire, rescue, and ambulace services for the Village of Spring Bay, the Village of Bay View Gardens and surrounding areas of Woodford and Tazewell Counties.
Training occurs every Thursday night at 1830 hours at Station 1.  The first and third Thursdays are Fire Trainings, the second Thursday is EMS Training and the fourth Thursday is the Department Meeting and Firefighters Association Meeting.
The Spring Bay Fire Protection District consists of 42 square miles and covers areas in Tazewell and Woodford Counties.  Our district boarders the fire districts of Lacon-Sparland, Washburn, Metamora, Germantown Hills, Washington, and East Peoria.
Click on the link below to listen to the live feed through Radio Reference (www.radioreference.com)

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The Spring Bay Fire Protection District is taking applications for part-time EMT - Basics to supplement daytime staffing.  This position will be supplementing the volunteer staff so days will not be guaranteed each week.  If you are an experienced EMT - Basic and would be interested in this position, please contact Chief Dennis Perry at 309-678-8467 for more information.  You can also send us a message via our Facebook page at:

Thank you!

Are you retired?  Home during the week during daytime hours?  Are you a third shifter? 
Home maker?  Student?  We are looking for volunteers to assist our ambulance crews during daytime hours during the week.  We provide training - either the Emergency Medical Responder or Emergency Medical Technician - Basic - at no cost to you.  If you are interested, please contact Fire Chief Dennis Perry at 309-678-8467 or come to fire station 1 in Spring Bay on any Thursday night and pick up an application.  Be a local hero and help your community!!

9-5-13  The Spring Bay Fire Protection District just purchased 20 brand new Sperian Air Packs with funds obtained from the Firefighters Assistance Grant.  These new 45 minute cylinders are replacing the current 30 minute cylinders.  These are also current to the new 2013 NFPA Standards.  These air packs will be put into service tonight after being trained on them.

Spring Bay Fire Protection District

310 W. Missouri Street - Spring Bay, IL 61611

Ph: (309) 822-0152 - Fax: (309) 822-8693


Date:  April 19, 2013


Due to the impending flood condition in Spring Bay Fire Protection District, in conjunction with the Woodford County Emergency Management and the Woodford County Sheriff’s Department, is issuing Mandatory Flood Evacuation.


All residents that live in the flood prone areas are required to evacuate.  Locations to include begin at the northern Woodford County line at the Marshall County line as far south as the northern limits of the City of East Peoria.  Most of the low lying areas that are west of Illinois Route 26 will be inundated with widespread flooding.  The impending flood is predicted to be the worst on record and as equally dangerous.


The Spring Bay Fire Protection District, the Woodford County Emergency Management Agency, and the Woodford County Sheriff’s Department are requiring residents to comply with this evacuation order.  The condition in western Woodford County is rapidly approaching an extremely severe flood.


Unfortunately, the fire department will not be able to pump out basements.  The liability is too great and it can cause wall collapse if the water pressure outside the basement walls is greater than the walls can hold back.  It can cause severe and catostrophic damage to your home.  Also, make sure you have electricity turned off.  Water conducts electricity and a person can be electricuted if you step into water with live electricity running through it.  If you are using a generator for electricity, make sure it is OUTSIDE of your home, not in a basement or garage.  The exhaust fumes put off deadly carbon monoxide and you can become overcome very quickly.

Further information will be posted as to shelter facilities and where to get food and water.

On Saturday January 26, 2013 a fund raising event is being held at the Spring Bay Fire Protection District Station 1 from 1200 pm until 6:00 pm.  The fire district is in the process of raising funds to purchase new auto extrication equipment that costs in the area of $30,000.00.  Please check out the following link to see who the venders are and what products they are offering.  This is a great event to not only support local businesses but to also help support a great cause.

Just a reminder that this is the time of year to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  Also, remember to test your smoke alarms monthly.  If your smoke detector is over 10 years old it should be replaced.  Also, prepare and practice a home fire escape plan.  Make sure you have two ways out of every room and you have a designated meeting place a safe distance from your home that everyone knows to go to.  Remember to call 9-1-1 and give the dispatcher your name, address and the nature of your emergency.  The dispatcher will keep you on the phone to obtain further information while at the same time dispatching the fire department, ambulance and / or police department.  They have instructions to help you until help arrives.  Remember - fire safety is everyone's responsibility!!


Press Release
In light of the current severe drought conditions being experienced in Woodford County, the Woodford County Fire Chiefs Association (MABAS Division 33) wish to caution the public regarding open burning and fireworks displays.
Open burning should be curtailed until such time as our area receives enough precipitation to decrease the drought condition.  Most areas are extremely dry, and the slightest wind can rapidly spread a small fire to neighboring properties.  These fires can extend to crop fields, timber areas, outbuildings, and homes and the damage can be devastating and costly.
Although consumer fireworks displays are allowed in Woodford County with a properly obtained permit from the County Clerk, caution must be exercised.  Fireworks continue to be a significant cause of fires that destroy homes and other property, and are accountable for may personal injures, including deaths.
Woodford County Fire Chiefs ask that residents forego the consumer displays and attend a commercial fireworks display in their area or nearby town.  These displays have been inspected by the Fire Department and are executed with professionally licensed pyrotechnic companies.

Dennis Perry - President
MABAS Division 33
Fire Chief
Spring Bay Fire Protection District

This Sunday the SBFD is sending a crew to Delta Tankers in Lebanon, IN to look at a 3000 gallon Freightliner tanker.  If everything looks good, the crew will bring it home.  It will replace the current Tender 1.  More info to follow.  Follow up - the crew did bring the tanker back and it is in service at Station 1.  Will get some pictures of it as soon as it is lettered.

Congratulations to the Ashmore Fire Protection District, Ashmore, IL as they are the proud new owners of Rescue 5!  They came and purchased it early yesterday morning.  They are very happy to get it and will be using it as their rescue truck carrying their extrication and BLS equipment.  The truck sold within 4 days of the for sale flier being emailed out to the MABAS Divisions.

Congratulations to Eagle Medical Services, Inc. of Memphis, TN in their purchase of Engine 8!!!  Allen Wilkerson and his friend Odell drove all the way up here just to look at the truck and drive it.  We negotiated a price and they DROVE IT HOME!!  Yes, all the way to Memphis, TN!!  It is going to be used at the Memphis International Raceway along with the 2 mini pumpers they use there.  They are very happy with it and are going to send pictures of it when it is relettered.  We will post pictures of it when we get it.

2011 Total Calls:  371
2012 Total Calls:  329
2013 Total Calls:  331

2014 Calls: 
January:  31
February:  26
March:  33
April:  31
May:  26
June:  33
July:  30
The Cadets - the Cadets are a part of the Boy Scouts of America Explorer Post 621.  To be a Cadet, you must be between 14-18 years of age and must live within the local area.  The Cadets do training that gives them basic firefighting tactics.  The Cadets also participate in Cadet Fire School at the University of Champaign Fire Academy.  To become a Cadet, please contact the fire station or come up to Station 1 on Thursday nights and request an application.
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